Chapter 1532: Enormous Gains

The process through which he refined the Ming Tuo relic brought Jiang Chen on a rollercoaster of emotions, repeating the cycle of reincarnation. This invisibly, but noticeably increased Jiang Chen’s martial comprehension.

It took three days for Jiang Chen to fully refine everything of value in the relic. The Ming Tuo relic itself transformed into faint, iridescent light as he completed the final steps, dissipating in the young man’s palm.

This marked the final ending of one life and the renewed evolution of another.

Jiang Chen gradually opened his eyes, relishing the martial dao increase the relic had granted him. He didn’t lose himself in exuberance; he had become more collected and composed.

“A martial dao relic is an extraordinary thing. Absorbing a peak emperor’s true energy would only bring about a limited increase. But receiving it through something as concentrated as a relic… I was able to take in almost everything.” The difference between the two modes deeply stunned Jiang Chen.

This was...

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