Chapter 1531: An Aggressive Choice

The old man could do nothing despite his fury.

“I’ll let your impudence slide today, kid. You’re on home turf, after all. Don’t go falling into my hands one day now.” He had little actual face remaining before Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “Shu Wanqing said something like that too, but he ended joining the Order. Are you planning to copy him? Who are you going to join, the Embittered Savages? That’s not a bad choice. Your cultivation means that those barbarians might toss you a few bones.”

The young man had lost all hope in these so-called secluded empyrean experts. Had all of them been cast from the same mold?

Meanwhile, the old man was almost angry enough to cough up blood. Jiang Chen was comparing him to a dog!

“Jiang Chen, you will suffer my wrath!” He found it impossible to trade witticisms with the younger man. The frustration alone was enough to hurt him in an almost tangible way. He left as fast as he had come.

Seeing him disappear into the sky caused the Vermilion Bird to breathe a sigh...

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