Chapter 1530: True Motive

The Vermilion Bird nodded slightly without speaking. Clearly, it agreed completely with Jiang Chen’s speech.

The bird had had good relations with the ancient Primosanct Sect, and ancient humanity as a whole. It had experienced the ancient demon-sealing war and thus knew the internal strife that tended to exist between man.

Even in the most dangerous of times, humans constantly bickered. It had seen more than its fair share of similar situations in its long lifetime. The bird admired Jiang Chen all the more because of this. This was partially why it had remained impassive before Xiahou Jing’s temptation.

It had already seen the responsibility and poise that had characterized the human leaders of yore in Jiang Chen. Though the young man was still incredibly fresh and immature, the direction he was going in was quite apparent.

“You’re a real fast talker, boy.” The glacial old man fumed at what he was hearing. “We secluded experts have a bigger picture of the proceedings. Do you think us the same as you mortal ants? Unlike...

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