Chapter 153: All of this has to do with Jiang Chen?

Chapter 153: All of this has to do with Jiang Chen?

A sense of danger they had never experienced before was now resting on the Dragonteeth Guard’s heads.

Upon seeing Vice Director Zhou and Vice Director Qi begin to speak but then hesitate, Shangguan Yi waved his hands. “Forget it, don’t say anything for now. Since this matter has already happened, there must be a reason for it. The only thing we can do is to prescribe the right remedy for the illness and sacrifice our face to inquire what the situation is.”

“Indeed, even if we die, we must at least go down knowing why.”

“This is the only way to proceed.”

Shangguan Yi nodded. “I have some relations with Elder Fei, I will go pay him a personal visit. Old Qi, you go visit Elder Ning. Remember, do not intentionally bow and scrape, but don’t put on any airs as well. We must at least understand the reason behind all this. If it’s our fault, then we will bear responsibility. If it’s not our fault, then we don’t need to compromise out of consideration for general interest. Understood?”

Having said his piece, Shangguan Yi’s gaze once again turned to Vice Director Zhou, “Elder Zhou, Shi Xiaoyao’s temper is eccentric, you need to take more on your shoulders.”

Zhou Kai nodded, “I’m already old and won’t bother...

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