Chapter 1529: A Strong Enemy Comes Calling

Coiling Dragon grinned. “I knew that I didn’t have to worry about the benefits of following young lord Jiang Chen.”

Void burst into laughter as well, but said nothing more. Instead, he awaited for Jiang Chen’s next words expectantly.

“Coiling Dragon, you are the descendant of a true dragon bloodline. I’ve always had high hopes for you. When you break through to empyrean realm, you will be capable some of truly astonishing things. You won’t lose to His Majesty Peafowl in terms of potential.”

“His Majesty Peafowl?” Coiling Dragon and Void were bewildered.

“Yes, His Majesty Peafowl has peafowl blood in his veins, another ancient sacred beast. You, Coiling Dragon, are aligned with the ancient true dragons. Both of you are heirs of top-quality bloodlines from ancient times. Therefore, I have high expectations especially for you, Coiling Dragon!” Jiang Chen exclaimed.

The great emperor found it hard to remain completely composed.

He smiled wryly. “Young lord, I’m the least talented among Veluriyam’s great emperors. I broke through to great emperor only because of your...

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