Chapter 1527: A Stunning Move

Sabledeep’s internal obstacle was dissolved by Jiang Chen’s sincerity. “I was foolish one when I joined the Order,” he sighed softly. “And I may be again, if I refuse Veluriyam today. Young lord Jiang Chen, I am willing to be an ordinary soldier in your service – if you’ll have me.”

“Haha, that’s the Sabledeep I know!” Wellspring roared with laughter, delivering a resounding clap onto his fellow emperor’s shoulder. “Brother Sabledeep. You, Brother Peerless, and I – we’re birds of a feather. Why should we be separate in the first place?”

Peerless nodded as well, becoming emotional. “Let us all follow behind young lord Jiang Chen and accomplish something truly amazing! The human domain is on the verge of total collapse. We are in chaotic times. It would be pathetic for us to be concerned only with our own lives. We should be looking to accomplish great things and strive for something on a larger scale! Not for the sake of being recorded in history, but for being true to our own hearts, no?”

The three old friends traded glances, then collectively chuc...

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