Chapter 1526: An Empyrean Decree

The rat king’s surprise was understandable. An empyrean body’s life and blood essence were extremely potent nourishment.

Xiahou Jing had earned himself a pitiable fate. A genius of House Xiahou of Myriad Abyss Island had died ignobly in a foreign land, his corpse unable to escape desecration. His misdeeds meant that this conclusion was well-deserved.

The rewards of this battle had been tremendous.

Jiang Chen toyed with Xiahou Jing and Shu Wanqing’s empyrean decrees, wondering how to divide them up.

Each empyrean expert’s understanding of the heavenly dao created a personal decree through refinement. A great emperor without much hope to break through would have a very good shot at ascending to empyrean realm with such a decree in hand.

Therefore, these two ownerless decrees could very well mean the creation of two new empyrean experts. These, plus the ones from Xiahou Jing’s subordinates – Elders Peng and Mo – meant that Jiang Chen had four empyrean decrees on hand.

How to distribute them needed to be carefully considered.

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