Chapter 1525: To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Shu Wanqing was undeniably powerful, but Jiang Chen was no slouch either. He had noticed an inkling of the expert’s intent very early on.

The four stone golem brothers swarmed up, not giving the old man another chance to do anything else. The other Confounding Puppet was sent to deal with Xiahou Jing.

The Order’s supreme lord found it reasonably easy to deal with a single puppet, but two was much more difficult.

No, I can’t be kept here like this. I must retreat to fight another day! Shu Wanqing’s agitation demonstrated the hopelessness of today’s situation to Xiahou Jing. He had to make a run for it!

Now was the perfect time since Jiang Chen’s Nine Labyrinth Formation was inactive.

Just as that thought came into his head however, the formation whirred back to life. The annoying pocket maze dimension appeared before their eyes once more.

Xiahou Jing regretted his indecisiveness a great deal. He had very likely missed the only chance at escape just now.

Shu Wanqing also despaired at the reappearance of the formation. He had many secret...

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