Chapter 1524: Inching Closer Step By Step

“Gentlewind! Have you lost your mind?!” Xiahou Jing broke out in loud curses.

The puppet was fully capable of simple speech at Jiang Chen’s current mastery level, but long conversations were still too draining. He’d rather hurl a few more punches at his target instead.

However, Shu Wanqing still had the strength to react even after taking multiple heavy hits. He leaned into the motion of his body falling and wriggled away like a fish.

The formation instantly fell into disarray.

“Protect Daoist Shu!” Xiahou Jing yelled fiercely as Shu Wanqing was his only hope of getting out alive. Without further ado, he charged at the puppet and went toe to toe with it.

The puppet’s battle style was very straightforward and brutal. It was dishing out punches and kicks with no wasted movement.

Xiahou Jing sucked in a breath of cold air as they exchanged moves. He couldn’t believe that “Gentlewind” was so powerful! They were equally matched! Moreover,...

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