Chapter 1522: Severely Injuring Shu Wanqing

Protector King Gentlewind was a very astute man. He removed the restrictions on Ye Chonglou and the rest without prompting, bringing out the antidote to their ailments as well.

“Let me see that,” Jiang Chen interrupted coolly when he saw the antidote.

Gentlewind compliantly provided the medicine. “I guarantee there’s nothing wrong with it,” he swore. “If there is, let me be smited by heaven and earth!”

His life depended on present performance. Gentlewind didn’t dare attempt anything rash. He only wanted to seek Jiang Chen’s forgiveness and favor.

Jiang Chen gave the old tutor and the others a once-over before nodding. “You can take it. The antidote is real.”

The Precious Tree Sect members were quite embarrassed. “Young lord Jiang Chen, we always cause trouble for you.”

Jiang Chen smiled. “Why say such things, lordmaster? This is a season filled with many problems. I don’t think you should go back to the sect for the time being. Come to Veluriyam’s young lord residence. That place is...

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