Chapter 1521: The Confounding Puppets Whirl Into Action

Jiang Chen was very excited. This spiralized dimensional labyrinth was none other than the Nine Labyrinth Formation he’d received from the third of the Six Palaces of Heritage, Palace of the Grand Marquis.

Once deployed, the Nine Labyrinth Formation created a nine-fold maze capable of locking down an enormous patch of space, losing anyone present within.

Jiang Chen was innately sensitive to formations. Moreover, the Nine Labyrinth Formation had an affinity with him. His use of it took even an opponent like Shu Wanqing by surprise. The formation’s mysteries were not to be understood in any short span of time.

After all, this was an ancient treasure, the pride of the Grand Marquis who’d previously owned it. When Jiang Chen wasn’t limited by his own cultivation level, he would be able to trap someone many times stronger than Shu Wanqing once he used it at peak strength.

The young lord had turned the tables by taking the initiative. He stood commandingly outside the formation,...

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