Chapter 1520: Jiang Chen’s Displays His Might

The fuming Shu Wanqing snickered cruelly. “Kid, is this you giving up all hope and saying to hell with everything? Are you trying to make me mad enough to kill you outright and spare you further torture? How naive! Do you think I’ll let you off so easily?” 

He bristled with vicious venom. There should’ve been no irreconcilable hatred between them, but he just hated the young man. The mere sight of Jiang Chen prompted unspeakable disgust.

For that reason, he’d lowered himself and assisted the supreme lord of the Order, even risking an ambush on the Gunuo village’s prince to incite an invasion.

In fact, though he’d never admit it, he was simply jealous of a brat becoming mankind’s leader and shining brighter than him. An empyrean master like him ought to be the one acclaimed as humanity’s leader!

He was indifferent to mankind’s fortunes, but since he’d come out of seclusion, the domain ought to naturally...

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