Chapter 152: The Dragonteeth Guard Trembles!

Chapter 152: The Dragonteeth Guard Trembles!

“Feng Yan, take my card and visit the second highest personage of the Dragonteeth Guard, Vice Director Zhou. Tell him that all business between my Myriad Treasures Palace and the Dragonteeth Guard will be halted for three years. Any business that they have entrusted to us is to be returned to them in full.”

The Dragonteeth Guard had extremely high expenses from feeding a million strong army. The stipend from the kingdom was enough to enable them to become strong and mighty, but it was very difficult to help each member of the Guard actually earn money.

Therefore, the Dragonteeth Guard had their own ways of making money. All of the Guard’s gains from cases didn’t have to be handed to the royal treasury. They were instead handed over to the Myriad Treasures Palace to be sold or auctioned off.

The income from this was much more rewarding than the funds that they’d receive from the kingdom, and was the true source of wealth for the Dragonteeth Guard. It was a small gold mine for them.

If this bit of business was stopped, the entirety of the Dragonteeth Guard would only be able to subsist on the stipend from the kingdom, and wouldn’t ever enjoy the benefits of this gold mine anymore.

The benefits of this gold mine were practically a hidden rule for the Dragonteeth...

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