Chapter 1519: Another Unexpected Turn Of Events

Gentlewind’s residence wasn’t without its defenses, but they seemed average at best. The defenses could serve as an early warning system or delay ordinary enemies, but were far too lacking to subdue anyone.

However, the supreme lord had dispatched several Celestial Stars and Earthly Fiends in assistance, making the place secure enough.

“Daoist Shockcloud, I’ve always valued your keen observations. Since the supreme lord’s sent you here, please feel free to point out the deficiencies in my layout.” Gentlewind offered a warm welcome. 

Jiang Chen feigned indifference as he asked, “Where are the prisoners?”

Gentlewind smiled. “Follow me.”

Without batting an eye, Jiang Chen followed the protector king past several detours before reaching a dim area.

“They’re in there. The energy of the surroundings is completely sealed off, so no matter how great Jiang Chen’s powers...

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