Chapter 1518: A Stroke of Brilliance

Given his position amongst the Earthly Fiend elders, Jiang Chen smoldered with rage when Gentlewind returned with the Precious Tree Sect captives.

The Order has no bottom line alright!

He’d already foreseen this issue and informed the Regal Pill Palace beforehand, but the Precious Tree Sect was in a mundane kingdom. Such factions were rarely ever dragged into the conflicts of the martial dao world. 

But obviously, the Order didn’t have a whit of morals and laid their hands on the Precious Tree Sect anyways.

It was most likely one of Xiahou Jing’s subordinates who’d come up with the idea, because a man of his stature would never think to exploit a mundane sect. Moreover, the cunning foxes had targeted those closest to Jiang Chen, such as Ye Chonglou and Tang Hong! There was no way he could turn a blind eye to them!

The angrier he grew, the calmer he became.

Four Stone Golems were pummeling the Order’s foundations whilst Veluriyam’s...

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