Chapter 1517: Each With Their Own Methods

“This is an order of the utmost importance. Hearken to me, Order executives. I have important news to announce. All executives at headquarters must report immediately.”

After the heavy losses in the last battle, only thirty percent of its original strength remained. The ranks of the eight Protector Kings, thirty-six Celestial Stars, and seventy-two Earthly Fiends had been measurably thinned.

Disguised among the Earthly Fiends, Jiang Chen was both excited and a bit expectant.

He had even split up with the four stone golem brothers. After some cosmetic efforts on his part, the brothers were hiding elsewhere in the Order’s headquarters. Only executives were allowed to attend a meeting of this nature, which meant that any followers were expressly barred.

Jiang Chen sat in his spot, completely silent and introspective. He didn’t make any small talk with the other Earthly Fiends. 

Thankfully, there was enough pressure in the air to justify this. None of the...

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