Chapter 1516: Pretending to Advance Along One Path While Secretly Going Down Another

Jiang Chen apprised Peerless and Wellspring of the formation as well as his own thoughts.

Wellspring was complimentary of the idea overall. “Exquisite! It’ll make us all the stronger on the battlefield. Our current force is somewhat of a motley crew, but this will shape us into a focused and coherent whole.”

No one would turn down such a formation.

Peerless nodded in agreement. “Not bad indeed. It seems very feasible. But since it organizes people in groups of eight, we need to be meticulous about the assignments. How they complement each other and level of mutual understanding will be key. Otherwise, the formation will become a weak spot instead.”

Indeed, fighting alone would be better than bad cooperation. The formation’s greatest nemesis was the presence of a weak link, or worse, several of them.

“Old Brother Hui, you have undisputed status and prestige...

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