Chapter 1515: Discussion of a Punitive Expedition

Everyone’s indignation at the Order also kindled Jiang Chen’s own fury. Though the human domain was in poor shape already, the Order had been so blind as to contribute further to the mess. He could bear its existence no longer.

“Friends.” Jiang Chen motioned downward with both hands, indicating for calm. “The Order has gone insane. It’s a blight upon the human domain. If I continue to allow it to exist, its activities will only grow more damaging with time. This is why I hereby announce today that we will launch a campaign against the Order of Wind and Cloud!”

There was mass excitement at his words. His audience positively glowed. Clearly, they were at the end of their patience with the Order as well.

“Young lord, the human domain is already in a rough spot. We shouldn’t create more problems for ourselves. If we become engaged in a bitter war with the Order and the Embittered Savages take advantage of that, then we’ll be fighting on two fronts…” Petalpluck was as conservative and old-fashioned as ever. His mandate was always to reduce the number...

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