Chapter 1514: A New Development

Jiang Chen had no issue evading the public eye in his own home.

Returning to his secret chamber, he sat down to peruse the diagrams resting in his mind. Different illusion techniques were depicted in each diagram, each symbolic of an incorporeal wall. They were a compendium of the Grand Marquis’ lifetime knowledge in the illusory arts. The senior’s faith in and encouragement towards his juniors was plain to see. 

Heh. The Grand Marquis is such an interesting person. It’s obvious that he ardently wants someone to pass the his test, but he puts on such a detached and disinterested facade...

Jiang Chen studied the diagrams meticulously and slowly digested their teachings. Indeed, they were the essence of what the marquis had learned over the years.

He was equally as fond of the seven Confounding Puppets. The senior had meticulously crafted them with every fiber of his being. Every one of them exuded an immensely powerful aura and embodied...

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