Chapter 1512: A Tale of Two Trials

As the chain seal in Jiang Chen’s mental sea stirred, his consciousness instantly grew fivefold more. Things previously fuzzy became crystal clear. The same applied to the nine diagrams.

When Jiang Chen had first inspected them, it felt that understanding was just within reach. He had a grasp of them, or maybe he didn’t.

But thanks to the chain seal’s formidable assistance, his mental acuity spontaneously reached an entirely new level.

As… I thought, this set of diagrams depicts a maze. It’s a Nine Labyrinth Formation.

Jiang Chen had finally set foot on the right track. The diagrams had seemed ordinary at first, but in fact they seamlessly came together to form a whole.

One amongst the nine wasn’t like the others simply because it had a way out, while the other eight led to dead ends. Once the diagrams were placed together, they formed a labyrinth. Challengers could...

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