Chapter 1511: Honghou Palace

The atmosphere was a bit stifling. The guardian of the third palace was purposefully causing difficulties by not breaking the silence.

Well, Jiang Chen assumed as much, anyways. “Senior,” he saluted with a cupped fist. “I am the current head of Veluriyam Capital. May I know your name?”

According to the rules, the guardians of the palaces had to be fair to any challenging heirs…

Allowing for one’s specific tastes and interests, of course. 

There was one basic matter that couldn’t be concealed — the guardian’s name. They were forced to answer this kind of query.

“You can call me Grand Marquis, young man.” The guardian of the third palace harrumphed.

“Senior Marquis.” Jiang Chen saluted once more. “Senior, I’ve found a few things out about the Six Palaces of Heritage during my journey so far. I’ve had good relationships with seniors Master P’eng and Venerated...

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