Chapter 1510: The Third Palace of Heritage

Though many factions had decided to join Jiang Chen and affiliate themselves with Veluriyam Capital, the young man didn’t forget himself because of this.

Veluriyam’s raw strength had unquestionably been improved by the addition of new blood. But with new arrivals came new logistics and issues of all stripes.

Jiang Chen gave authority to resolve these issues to Emperor Wellspring. A man of his talents and prestige could coordinate everything quite capably. He could take on a pleasant or harsh demeanor as necessary.

The young man’s own attention was focused on the Embittered Savages. His Goldbiter Rats gave him an unparalleled advantage in terms of gathering information. He was able to gain the knowledge he wanted from the frontlines rather swiftly.

“The Embittered Savages have occupied the Moon God Sect’s former grounds?” Jiang Chen was a bit surprised upon hearing the news. So the Embittered Savages were maintaining their composure!

They hadn’t rushed headlong into enemy territory after hearing about the Moon God Sect’s retreat. Instead,...

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