Chapter 151: Lu Wuji has Caused Great Trouble

Chapter 151: Lu Wuji has Caused Great Trouble

There was a general director in charge of the Dragonteeth Guard who held command of the Dragonteeth Guard, and was in charge of all of the Guards.

The Dragonteeth Guard was divided into ten troops, with a general and vice general assigned to each troop.

There were ten squadrons underneath each troop, with each squadron numbering ten thousand. There was one commander and two vice commanders for each squadrons.

There were lieutenants and captains beneath each commander, and each level was strictly partitioned.

In other words, the general director was naturally at the highest level.

There were three vice directors beneath the general director, followed by ten generals, and then by the ten vice generals.

This General Lu was actually just a vice general.

In terms of title and level, he was indeed a level higher than a commander like Tian Shao.

However, the troop that Tian Shao belonged to wasn’t part of Vice General Lu’s jurisdiction. Tian Shao had a direct supervisor above him, and a general and vice general that he reported to.

Therefore, strictly speaking, Vice General Lu couldn’t issue commands to him, Tian Shao.

However, everyone knew that this Vice General Lu was renowned for having connections. His backer was a vice director of the Dragonteeth...

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