Chapter 1509: The Magpie’s Nest is Occupied By the Dove

The Embittered Savages was only one of the tribes situated beyond the Boundary Stele realms. There were many more of them besides the northwestern one. If Boundary Steles all over were broken and the aliens came rushing in, the human domain would be a cake to be divided up by others at their leisure.

The atmosphere became even more tense.

Han Qianzhan broke into sudden, hearty laughter. “What are you all getting so depressed for? So what if the Embittered Savages are a bit fierce? Didn’t they lose to young lord Jiang Chen? Same with the Southern Celestials! Their three empyrean experts slunk home with their tails between their legs, no? 

“The overweening Order was also smashed into submission. Chaotic times breed heroes, and whenever the human domain is in danger, countless great characters rise up to save it from trouble. In the ancient demon-sealing war, humanity fought far more dangerous foes than these. The situations we were embroiled in back then...

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