Chapter 1508: The Moon God Sect Requests Asylum

Almost all of the factions that mattered in the human domain were gathered at Veluriyam Capital.

His expression stern, Jiang Chen’s gaze swept past everyone in the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, what are your future plans?”

They’d formed an alliance the last time, but it hadn’t convened since his departure for the Ninesuns Sky Sect. With the rapidly changing circumstances, they might’ve had a change of heart. For him, indecisive fellows weren’t welcome in Veluriyam.

The city hungered for talent, but quality mattered far more than quantity. It was better to do without factions that only saw him as a temporary refuge, who were ready to abandon ship as soon as the tides turned. Thus, he needed to ascertain their true intentions.

Ninesuns’ Emperor Clearsky was the first to speak. “Young lord, battle didn’t break out at my sect in...

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