Chapter 1507: A Most Difficult Decision

Compared to the single-minded second sectmaster, the head sectmaster hadn’t been thrown into total disarray by the fight just now. She knew that the Moon God Sect had to hear Jiang Chen’s ideas to ensure its survival. Respect and dignity had no place here. Without life, what dignity was there to speak of?

“Sectmasters, it’s not my place to advise the Moon God Sect. However, if you find these northwestern lands too indefensible to stay n the near future, Veluriyam welcomes you. Though other sects like the Sublime Chord Temple and Empyrean River Palace may be allied with us, I will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to take them in. The Moon God Sect’s responsible behavior at a crucial time at least tells me that our ideals are similar.”

This was all that the young man could offer. He couldn’t be more direct in his demand for them to join Veluriyam in their time of difficulty. Even if that was what he meant, it was inappropriate to be that blunt.

Moreover, he wasn’t so mean as to force them to join. It didn’t matter to him whether...

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