Chapter 1506: A Hesitant Moon God Sect

“Young lord, we owe you yet another favor!” the head sectmaster exclaimed.

Descending, Jiang Chen saluted back with a cupped fist salute. “Honored sectmasters, now isn’t the time for pleasantries. The Boundary Stele is broken and the Embittered Savages are invading. The northwest will be embroiled in the fires war sooner or later. You must decide what the Moon God Sect is going to do sooner rather than later.”

The immediate danger had passed, but the Moon God Sect wasn’t out of the woods yet. The real difficulties were yet to come.

The head sectmaster sighed softly, glancing at the northwestern wastes. Her eyes were filled with a heartfelt wariness. She and her peers were quite grateful for their recent escape from the jaws of death.

After all, they had been fighting with the understanding of certain death. Only Jiang Chen’s timely reinforcement had saved them. It was difficult for them to take much of a hardline stance before him.

“I would like to return to the Moon God Sect proper before we discuss it further. Shall we speak there, young lord?”

“Please.” Jiang Chen nod...

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