Chapter 1505: A Stern Warning

Gu Tianqing was furious. In his arms, all color had drained from Xi Yuan’s face and she trembled like a leaf when she saw his expression.

“Bitch! Didn’t you say that the strongest warrior in the human domain is only great emperor? Who are the golems? And who’s the youth riding the dragon?” Gu Tianqing bellowed harshly with smoldering eyes. Clearly, he believed that he’d been duped by Xi Yuan. 

The holy maiden was pale and frightened. “Y-your Highness, t-that’s Jiang Chen, the leader of the human race…” she stuttered.  

She’d just betrayed the Moon God Sect, so it was only natural that she’d feel some guilt when she saw Jiang Chen. She was afraid that he’d target her. With her current abilities, there was no way she’d survive an arrow. Moreover, Gu Tianqing’s men would never be so gallant as to protect her.

Xi Yuan was fraught with worry as she didn’t have an affiliation with either side. She could easily end up as Jiang Chen’s target for revenge or Gu...

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