Chapter 1504: A Hair Away from Disaster, Reinforcements Arrive

The head sectmaster’s chest tightened. The onslaught of Embittered Savages had increased in number and ferocity. 

“Give it your all! We can almost break through, just a little more!” She shuddered at the fate awaiting her if she were to be captured.

“Buahaha, these wenches are pretty spirited. I like that type! Brothers, charge! If you can take one alive, the prince might give her to you!” A commander viciously slashed his saber at the head sectmaster as eight half-step great emperors charged out and swarmed the third sectmaster.

Not even the prospect of death could stop the Embittered Savages. These barbarians’ ferocity on the battlefield was their most defining trait. This reckless style was also the Moon God Sect’s greatest nemesis.

After all, the sect was comprised of women who took great pains to maintain their poise and elegance....

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