Chapter 1503: A Miraculous Arrow

Gu Qi’s expression was frigid as he watched the final struggles of the three sectmasters. He sneered at their stubbornness to resist unto death. “Our ancestors were absolutely right. The humans are a weak race.” A man of his cultivation had the absolute right to treat the three women with disdain.

“I’m not interested in bullying women. Surrender yourselves, or you’ll be subjected to a far worse fate once the prince becomes angry.”

The second sectmaster was livid. “A barbarian isn’t worthy of asking us to surrender!”

Gu Qi snickered. “You’re certainly the most stubborn of everyone here. Very good. I’ll make an example out of you first.”

Saying this, he unreservedly transformed into a burst of wind, hurtling toward the Moon God Sect’s setup. He was completely unafraid of the defensive matrix. He was very confident in his abilities and also had a crushing cultivation advantage.

Seeing that Gu Qi was heading for them directly, the sectmasters panicked. They focused on their teamwork,...

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