Chapter 1502: A Precarious Situation

Holy Maiden Xi Yuan was one of the Moon God Sect’s weakest-willed disciples. Prince Gu Tianqing on the other hand, evidently practiced some sort of seductive art. It was unlikely that the main sectmaster herself would be able to resist his wiles, much less the irresolute young holy maiden.

Moreover, the prince had a sharp eye for people. He could see from a single glance that Holy Maiden Xi Yuan had the most indecisive dao heart of her peers. Even better was the fact that she was ruinously pretty. That was the primary motivator for Gu Tianqing’s choice.

It was as he’d expected. A little bit of trickery was enough to make her completely loyal to him. Holy Maiden Xi Yuan’s continuous disclosures about the human domain were passed onto the barbarous prince. The several experts beside him shifted from surprised to joyful to brimming with cheer.

They’d never dreamed that the human domain of their ancestors’ dreams was so weak. Their strongest experts were only peak great emperors?...

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