Chapter 1501: The Gunuo Village

The young man’s eyes were sharp and savage, like hawk or a falcon’s. He gave off a predatory aura of dominance. The three sectmasters of the Moon God Sect were shaken by his very look. It was as if he’d taken a full look at their bodies, and there were no secrets to be hidden from him.

“Wami, wami!” The Embittered Savages shouted in unison. This was evidently a gesture of respect. No one from the Moon God Sect knew what the word meant, but the expressions of the Savages showed that it was an honored title of some sort.

The young man smiled slightly, obviously used to this kind of treatment. He raised both hands a few degrees into the air and waved them about a little. The Savages’ cultivators began to shriek, dancing about in frenzied response. Some whistled, others shrieked, some stomped, clapped, and still others did all kinds of strange acts.

The Embittered Savage Tribe is as crude as they say, flashed across the hearts of all those from...

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