Chapter 1500: The Embittered Savage Tribe

“Hahaha! Finally! We’re through!”

“How many years has it been? We’ve finally broken through the damn border! Will this be a new age for our tribe?”

“My brothers! The succulent pigs in the human domain have grown fat and are waiting to be slaughtered! Hahaha!”

“Tsk tsk! Is this the human domain our ancestors told us about?”

“Humans! Tremble in fear. Your masters have arrived!”

With the breaking of the Stele, the realm that emanated from it collapsed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Like mountain ranges continuously collapsing, the despairing sight ground on. 

Color drained from the faces of those of the Moon God Sect. Horror and anxiety flooded their beautiful eyes. Even the head sectmaster was stunned despite her usual calm demeanor.

Countless shadows swarmed furiously through the collapsed rubble like a school of carp leaping over the waters. There seemed to be no end in sight. It was as if the place beyond the boundary...

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