Chapter 150: Vice Head Shi is Quite Enraged

Chapter 150: Vice Head Shi is Quite Enraged

“Disciple Feng Yan greets Vice Head Shi. Your disciple is fearful because he has requested for an audience above his level. I ask that the vice head’s pardon this disciple’s crime of impoliteness.” Feng Yan immediately knelt on the floor in fear when he entered, making his posture quite low.

He also knew that the vice head’s temper was erratic, and that he was renowned for not being easy to get along with; he’d taken a risk in paying a formal visit. If he angered the eccentric vice head, life wouldn’t be easy for him.

“Cut your blather, I don’t buy any of this.” Shi Xiaoyao flourished his sleeves and lifted Feng Yan’s body up. “Stand up properly and explain to me, what’s going on with the Wishing Tower? If you dare to hoodwink me, heh heh, do you dare to believe that I won’t skin you alive and pull out your tendons, right here, and right now?”

This wasn’t a threat. Duping the vice head was absolutely a towering, heinous crime. There wouldn’t even be a venue for an appeal if he was killed.

Feng Yan’s position in the Myriad Treasures Palace wasn’t high, and he had no backer. If this wasn’t true, he wouldn’t go to the transaction area to conduct business. Any self-respecting disciple would be contemptful of anything that required him to put his face on the line like this.

It was precisely because Feng Yan had no status and no patron, that he’d always liked to take risks, believing that money came from danger.

He’d chatted up Jiang Chen partially because of his own consideration of this aspect; he wanted to wrestle a future through his interactions with Jiang Chen.

Shi Xiaoyao had spoken. Feng Yan thus knew that he was an arrow that had left the bow already, and that had no possible return.

He simply bolstered his courage and spoke truthfully, “In response to you, sir, your disciple has met a unique person at the transaction fair of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace. He gave me a list and told me to convey it to you sir. He said to mention the Wishing Tower if you weren’t willing to meet. Your disciple was requested by others to do this thing, and had originally also thought of this matter as a bit ridiculous. However, this person took out a Supreme Rank Vast Ocean Pill as if it was nothing to him, making your disciple unable to dismiss this matter very easily.”

“A Supreme Rank Vast Ocean Pill?” Even Shi Xiaoyao was a bit startled by this. “Does such a thing actually exist in our Skylaurel Kingdom?”

“Your disciple has little learning, and it was also the first time that I’ve seen such a thing. That was indeed a Supreme Rank Vast Ocean Pill, and it could recover seventy percent true qi instantaneously.”

Shi Xiaoyao waved his hands, “This doesn’t count as little learning. I’ve lived a darned long period of time, and have never seen a pill that could recover seventy percent true qi in the field of qi replenishing pills. However, as good as this Vast Ocean Pill is, it’s only useful in the true qi realm. It’s still of little value in the spirit realm.”

“The Headmaster’s words are logical.” Feng Yan could only go along with Shi Xiaoyao’s tone.

“Where is this list that you spoke of?” Shi Xiaoyao had flagging interest. He had walked through countless places over these years, but had never had another sip of the Nine Magnificence Dew Wine.

He didn’t think that a person who Feng Yan had randomly met would be able to fulfill his wish for him.

Feng Yan carefully took out the list and handed it over respectfully to the vice head.

Shi Xiaoyao took the list, flicked a glance at it when he opened it, and his brows suddenly arching slightly.

As he continued to read further, Shi Xiaoyao’s brows unconsciously knit into furrowed rows. When he got halfway down the page, Shi Xiaoyao abruptly surged to his feet and reached out to grab Feng Yan by the throat.

“Speak, where is this person? Where is he? Hurry and speak!”

This unexpected move greatly startled Feng Yan. He thought that Shi Xiaoyao wanted to wipe him out.

Upon seeing that spittle was flying wildly from Shi Xiaoyao in his haste to find out where Jiang Chen was, Feng Yan finally vaguely understood that perhaps there was something uncommon about this list.

Shi Xiaoyao seemed to have realized that his sudden, abrupt moves may have frightened Feng Yan. He immediately released his hand lamely and mumbled, “Don’t be so cowardly will you? I could wipe you out with a flick of my finger if I wanted to. Not bad, not bad, you’re called Feng Yan is it? You’ve accomplished a great deed this time. I’ll make you an administrator after this.”

It was as if Feng Yan had been electrocuted all over by this small speech, and he was utterly dumbfounded. When vice head Shi had leapt up just now, he’d thought that everything was over. Who would’ve thought that his next words would be to make him an administrator?

The great rises and falls of life truly came too abruptly.

Giving an ordinary disciple the position of an administrator all of sudden was equivalent to suddenly rising more than three levels, like a carp making its way up a waterfall, hoping to become a dragon.

“What? Are you shocked senseless, or beside yourself with joy?” Shi Xiaoyao raised his hand, preparing to fling a slap over.

Feng Yan was rudely awakened as he hastily spoke, “He… he’s been taken away by the Dragonteeth Guard.”

“What?!” Shi Xiaoyao sent the chair next to him flying with one kick. “What the hell, which f*cking idiot had such nerve? Didn’t you tell them that this person had connections with me?”

“I… your disciple didn’t dare say. What if he was a fraud? Wouldn’t that have besmirched your noble reputation?” Feng Yan was also quite regretful at this moment. Why hadn’t he had a stiffer attitude in the beginning, and said a few words in Jiang Chen’s defense?

Shi Xiaoyao hopped up on one foot and cursed loudly. “Useless dunce! Go now and get the hell over to the Dragonteeth Guard! Tell them to immediately release that person, right now!”

The vaunted vice head of the Myriad Treasures Palace was an esteemed personage within the Skylaurel Kingdom, especially within the capital. Any random word from Shi Xiaoyao was enough to send tremors through the capital. Even the general director of the Dragonteeth Guard had to give him some face.

After all, the Dragonteeth Guard only took care of things for the royal family, whereas the Myriad Treasures Palace took care of things for the Precious Tree Sect.

Although the Skylaurel Kingdom was great, it was still a kingdom that depended on the Precious Tree Sect. Without the patronage of the Precious Tree Sect, what right would it have to number amongst the foremost within the sixteen kingdom’s alliance?

Having received Shi Xiaoyao’s order, Feng Yan was greatly reassured. He knew that this was a chance. If he could handle this matter appropriately, then the position of administrator might very well materialize thanks to Jiang Chen.

“Your disciple will go now and convey your words.”

“Get the hell over there now!”

Although he was being cussed at left and right, Feng Yan’s heart was as sweet as if he’d drunken honey. He knew that after he’d held on for so many years, he was finally seeing a glimmer of a chance.

“Just what did Jiang Chen write in that list? Why was it like the vice head had seen a pill of eternal life when he read it?” Although Feng Yan was curious, he didn’t dare to ask too many questions. He knew that it was enough to finish the tasks within his responsibilities. He should never ask about matters that he shouldn’t know about.

The capital, one of the Qingyang Valley’s strongholds.

“Kid, you better take a good look at what this place is if you want to cause trouble. The territory of the Qingyang Valley isn’t a place where you fellows can behave as you want to.” A Qingyang Valley disciple said with a very irked tone.

“Cut your blather. I’ll say this again, I’m here to deliver a message.” Xue Tong’s brow was also vaguely furrowed.

“Why don’t you stop joking around and look at yourself in the mirror. The likes of you sending a message to Elder Fei? Do you know Elder Fei’s status? He’s the head instructor of the Qingyang Palace. Is he someone you can meet just because you want to?”

Xue Tong was also startled. They’d known that the strange old man was a senior executive within the Qingyang Palace, but they hadn’t thought that he’d be the head instructor!

At this moment, Wen Ziqi made a courteous greeting. “Big brother, we’re really here to bring a message to Elder Fei. How can we make you believe us?”

“How could we believe you?” The disciple’s tone turned slightly better when he saw that Wen Ziqi was a gentle beauty. “He just said that all of you had passed through Qingyang Valley earlier and talked with Elder Fei. Who are you kidding with these words? Foreigners have to be a medicine servant for twenty years when they enter the Valley, that’s the rule. And yet I see that none of you are past twenty years old?”

Wen Ziqi smiled ruefully. No wonder the other didn’t believe them. That was the rule!

They couldn’t fault him either. None of them were over twenty years old. No one would believe them if they said that they’d been medicine servants for twenty years.

“Big brother, the young master of my house isn’t an ordinary person. He has an agreement with Elder Fei. Besides, your Elder Fei has two medicine boys called Big Egg and Second Egg. This is true, right?”

“You know Big Egg and Second Egg?” The disciple was startled. Big Egg and Second Egg had always remained within the depths of the Valley, and never ventured out. Those who’d never entered the Valley truly wouldn’t know of them. Could this group of people really have something to do with Elder Fei?

Upon seeing that he was hesitating, Wen Ziqi smiled slightly. “I also know that your Elder Fei has been searching for the Mystic Ruler Grass all these years. This is also true, right?”

“What?” The disciple was greatly startled. “You know even this?”

“Not only do we know this, but we also know that Elder Fei wishes to refine the Peaceful Ruler Pill. It’s a pity that the Mystic Ruler Grass is just too difficult to find, and thus Elder Fei is still empty handed to this day.”

“This… this… this, can you really…”

Qiao Shan had always been an impatient sort, and couldn’t hold it in anymore. “This, this, this, what? You’re the one with all the useless blather. Our young master has said, ‘if Elder Fei is still thinking about what he wants, then get the hell to the capital immediately.’ If he’s late, he won’t even be able to find a place to cry.”

Qiao Chuang patted the counter and raised his voice. “Did you hear that? Do we need to repeat it again? The young master of my house is a friend of many years with your house’s old man Fei. It’s your house’s old man who went out on a limb to beg our house’s young master. Don’t go and think that it’s our young master who’s sucking up to old man Fei. You get my drift?”

These two brothers both had brash personalities. They swaggered out the door after saying their piece.

As the captain, Xue Tong could only laugh ruefully and shrug his shoulders, saying to the disciple, “My two brothers are a bit more crude. However, although their words are a bit piercing to the ears, they speak the truth. This matter is of great urgency. If Elder Fei wants what he desires, then he must immediately make it into the capital and tell the Dragonteeth Guard to hand over our young master.”

“Remember, delays spoil an important affair. You won’t be able to redeem yourself even if you have ten heads to spare.” Guo Jin also sighed lightly and walked away, shaking his head.

The Qingyang Valley disciple was completely befuddled as he watched the strange group of youths walk away. He couldn’t recover for the longest time.

When he finally sorted out his thoughts, his expression suddenly changed drastically. “This is bad, these people were so detailed about Elder Fei’s matters. Their words are likely true. What Dragonteeth Guard, can it be that their young master has offended the Dragonteeth Guard and they’re waiting for Elder Fei to go and save him?!”

“Can it be that their young master has what Elder Fei wants?”

“This is bad, activate the thousand li transmission skill immediately, and ask Elder Fei to travel to the capital as soon as possible!”

The Black Dungeons area of the Dragonteeth Guard.

General Lu was currently in the midst of throwing a fit. “You dumb animals dare to agree outwardly, but disagree at heart. You dare give this kid a single holding cell, when I told you to put him into the Black Dungeons? What? Do you think I want this kid to have a vacation in the Black Dungeons?”

The faces of the Dragonteeth Guards were all ashen from their fear as they cowered on the ground.

Commander Tian stood with a ghastly pale face to the side, “General Lu, don’t beat around the bush. They’re my men, it’s I who had them do so.”

Commander Tian lived up to his reputation of shielding his own men alright. He stood out at this moment in order to shoulder all the responsibility, making the other Dragonteeth Guards feel quite grateful.

“Tian Shao, what do you mean by this? Is it that I, a general, can’t even command the men beneath you?” General Lu’s tone turned frosty.

“Vice General Lu, I truly don’t recall that I had a character such as you as one of my supervisors. The general of my troop is surnamed Qiu, and the vice general is surnamed Chen. I truly don’t know what basis Vice General Lu has to command my men on.”

Tian Shao’s tone was neither rushed nor hurried, neither cringing nor arrogant, and wasn’t stopped in his tracks by General Lu’s aura, but rather argued with logic and reason.

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