Chapter 150: Vice Head Shi is Quite Enraged

Chapter 150: Vice Head Shi is Quite Enraged

“Disciple Feng Yan greets Vice Head Shi. Your disciple is fearful because he has requested for an audience above his level. I ask that the vice head’s pardon this disciple’s crime of impoliteness.” Feng Yan immediately knelt on the floor in fear when he entered, making his posture quite low.

He also knew that the vice head’s temper was erratic, and that he was renowned for not being easy to get along with; he’d taken a risk in paying a formal visit. If he angered the eccentric vice head, life wouldn’t be easy for him.

“Cut your blather, I don’t buy any of this.” Shi Xiaoyao flourished his sleeves and lifted Feng Yan’s body up. “Stand up properly and explain to me, what’s going on with the Wishing Tower? If you dare to hoodwink me, heh heh, do you dare to believe that I won’t skin you alive and pull out your tendons, right here, and right now?”

This wasn’t a threat. Duping the vice head was absolutely a towering, heinous crime. There wouldn’t even be a venue for an appeal if he was killed.

Feng Yan’s position in the Myriad Treasures Palace wasn’t high, and he had no backer. If this wasn’t true, he wouldn’t go to the transaction area to conduct business. Any self-respecting disciple would be contemptful of anything that required him to put his face on the line like this.

It was precisely because Feng Yan...

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