Chapter 1499: The Boundary Stele is Shattered?

Xu Qingxuan had a lost look in her eyes. 

“Brother,” she murmured, “do you mean that you’ve given up on defending the northwestern wastes’ Boundary Stele? Then the work that my master and the rest is doing… is wasted? Was it wrong to risk their lives to fix it?”

“It’s hard to assign right and wrong to many things in the world,” Jiang Chen sighed. “Qingxuan, I won’t ignore what’s happening in the northwestern wastes. I simply said what I was thinking  about the matter. I also wanted to let you know that it may be wise for humanity to prepare for war – a single one, or multiple. The human domain is approaching dusk, and a period of darkness is yet to come.”

He wasn’t applying any pessimism to the matter. Instead, he was speaking from a higher perspective. The current human race was riddled with holes and problems. Even if he were ten times stronger, he wouldn’t be able to patch everything up.

Wellspring, the man most closely aligned with Peafowl’s ideals, sighed. “I must say that my thoughts are changing as well after all these changes. In...

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