Chapter 1498: A Change In Mindset

The battle between Veluriyam and the Order increased the former’s fame to even greater heights. The announcement of the antidote to the Exultation Pill meant that many who had capitulated to the Order surged into the capital instead.

Jiang Chen didn’t absorb these defectors into Veluriyam’s own forces, but those that wanted the antidote were required to make a vehement oath not to work for the Order ever again.

These hadn’t felt much of a sense of belonging to the sect in the first place. They had only bent their knee due to being captured. As such, they didn’t oppose this oath at all. Everybody was a winner in the end.

“Young lord, these cultivators are the elites that remain of the human race. Why not make them part of Veluriyam to strengthen our forces?” Coiling Dragon was perplexed. This was the perfect time to attract talent and open up recruitment.

“How many cultivators did we deploy in the fight against Emperor Pillzenith? What of our sortie against the...

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