Chapter 1497: The Northwestern Wastes

It was plain to see that Shu Wanqing had tossed aside all notion of morality and decorum in his age. When that occurred, a man like him would become a terrifying presence.

He was willing to ignore all that happened in the human domain to conserve his lifespan and energy. No matter what disaster or calamity befell it, he felt absolutely no emotional disturbance.

A faint smile hung on Xiahou Jing’s face as he unabashedly observed Shu Wanqing’s expression. Their gazes clashed, each attempting to probe something out of the other.

Shu Wanqing’s was perpetually calm. He reacted very little to the hatred towards Veluriyam emitting from the younger man.

“Your heart is steadfast, Daoist Shu. Why should the path to the supreme dao be denied you?” Xiahou Jing’s comment was an unknown mixture of mockery and politeness.

“Thank you for the undeserved praise,” Shu Wanqing smiled.

“You are a straightforward man, Daoist Shu. I won’t beat around the bush then. It’s a crime for someone of your talents to remain in the human domain. Myriad Abyss Island would make a much...

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