Chapter 1496: Like-minded Villains

Just as Xiahou Jing feared, the entire Order collapsed once news from Veluriyam reached it. 

Other than a small core of high-level, die-hard followers, most members became restless. The boldest among them surreptitiously left Unbounded Mid Region to head for Veluriyam. And of the protector kings and elders still at large, more than half went underground, never to return.

However, Emperor Everviolet wasn’t one of them. He wasn’t that dedicated to the supreme lord, but he’d already burned all his bridges with Jiang Chen.

Others might seek a better future away from the Order. But if he were to leave, could he go to Veluriyam and beg the young lord for an antidote? That would be inviting humiliation onto himself. Not to mentioned, he’d joined the Order on his own initiative.

“There’s no need for distress, my lord. Most people are fairweather friends in the martial world. We can’t count...

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