Chapter 1495: Antidote

The turning point of the battle had been when Emperor Peerless passed crucial information to a certain Goldbiter Rat.

Everything had proceeded virtually perfectly from that point on. Alas, the disruption of the supposed human empyrean expert had ruined everything. What should have been a bang-up ending turned into a questionable whimper.

“On my orders, all who joined the Order must renounce their allegiances. If any are set in their erroneous ways, they will be branded traitors to the human race!

“Moreover, make it known in the entire human domain what happened in the battle here. Especially the fact that the supreme lord of the Order fled with his tail between his legs. The bulk of the Order is no more. Let the world know that the presumptuous Order of Wind and Cloud has nothing more than the illusion of strength!”

Though Jiang Chen hadn’t managed to kill Xiahou Jing, Veluriyam Capital was undisputedly the winner today.

Xiahou Jing had gotten out alive at the end of the day, but his most valued accomplices...

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