Chapter 1494: Berating an Empyrean Cultivator

Jiang Chen was incensed.

The voice sounded well advanced in years, but the young man was indescribably disgusted with the self-satisfaction in its seniority.

“If I don’t kill him, do you not think a foreign hyena like him will bring disaster to the human domain? The Order of Wind and Cloud’s ambitions are quite peaceful, I’m sure!” Jiang Chen’s tone carried plenty of righteous passion. “If you have the power to interfere, then you are no ordinary person. Why not show yourself? Let me know who you are.”

Though he didn’t know where this interloper had come from, Jiang Chen’s rage wasn’t likely to subside. He hated people who didn’t mind their business, especially when they interrupted at the most inopportune times.

“You have quite a temper for one so young. There’s no need to ask where I’ve come from. I’ve lived in the human domain for more than ten thousand years. I think I know ten times more about the human domain’s affairs than you.”

Ten thousand years?

Jiang Chen’s heart beat a bit faster. The expressions of the great emperors from Veluriyam Capital changed greatly.

A secluded expert? One that lived in the human...

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