Chapter 1493: Continued Unexpectedness

As an expatriate from Myriad Abyss Island and a genius of House Xiahou, the seventh master had never taken the human domain’s cultivators particularly seriously. His elite entourage, led by Elders Peng and Mo, far surpassed them in quality. Even Jiang Chen was just an unreasonably lucky brat to him.

In truth, Xiahou Jing fundamentally despised Veluriyam’s young lord. However, his consciousness was being disrupted by a glare from the youth’s Evil Golden Eye.

Cold sweat beaded down his back.

Being targeted from afar by the Holy Dragon Bow made his hair stand on end. In that moment, an incomprehensible thought popped into his mind: Jiang Chen was able to threaten his life!

It was a possibility only because of the stone golem brothers’ encirclement, but even that should have been a far stretch.

In Xiahou Jing’s understanding, Jiang Chen was only some emperor realm expert. The difference between them was night and day.

He went so far as to believe that if Jiang...

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