Chapter 1492: The Start Of The Counterattack

“To die?” Jiang Chen laughed despite himself, derision seeping from his voice. “Are you that confident you can kill me and conquer my city?”

Xiahou Jing proudly said, “Why wouldn’t I be? You’re just a mundane brat with better luck than most.”

“True, I come from the mundane world. And what about you? What noble identity lies beneath your mask and cloak? Too bad you’re a coward afraid of revealing his face.” Jiang Chen mocked to his heart’s content. “I know where your sense of superiority comes from! Sadly, it’s a mere joke in front of me.”

“You’ll see very soon who’s the real joke!” Xiahou Jing sneered.

“Oh? Do you still have an ace in the hole?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “I have eight great golem warriors. If all of them attack you at the same time, how likely are you to win?”

Despite his brave front, Xiahou Jing paled imperceptibly. With...

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