Chapter 1491: Jiang Chen Returns

It hadn’t taken long for Jiang Chen to eradicate the enemy’s shock troops, even accounting for his breakthrough to seventh level emperor realm.

Meanwhile, the supreme lord, also known as Seventh Master Xiahou Jing of Myriad Abyss Island, was mired in a deadlock against the Vermilion Bird. He hadn’t ordered the assault yet, wary as he was of the ancient beast. His threatening confidence was nothing but bravado.

The bird hadn’t provoked him any further, as if aware of his intentions. The standoff suited it fine. It had little desire for an all-out fight given its physical condition.

“Senior Vermilion, give way and I promise to find a place suitable for your rebirth.” Xiahou Jing tested the bird’s resolve once more.

However, it was immune to his tricks and merely circled the sky above Sacred...

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