Chapter 1490: An Unparalleled Shot

Jiang Chen wrung quite a bit more information about House Xiahou. The man wasn’t able to go into details, but he had quite a good overview of the clan.

The young lord struck the man in the dantian with his palm after he was done.

“Half of your cultivation in return for your life. I believe that’s fair.” After knocking the man out, Jiang Chen threw him aside, and left him to fend for himself.

Losing half of one’s cultivation was still better than death.

Jiang Chen was in a better mood now that he’d finally gathered intelligence on his enemy. However, he still couldn’t help but scowl when he was reminded of House Xiahou.

On the bright side, the people behind the Order of Wind and Cloud had finally been exposed.

The Order had ever been in the shadows while he was in the light. He’d no choice but to watch from the sidelines as the sect cast its shadow upon the entire...

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