Chapter 149: Ordering Around Two Heavyweights

Chapter 149: Ordering Around Two Heavyweights

Qiao Baishi recollected his senses and pulled himself together before pushing and entering through the door. What greeted him was a fragrance that gladdened his heart and refreshed his mind, giving him the feeling of having mistakenly stumbled into a lady’s boudoir.

He lifted his head to see a well arranged room. It was akin to the room of an unmarried girl from a respectable, cultured family. There were several hints of the charming playfulness of a young girl amidst luxurious opulence.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Qiao Baishi would’ve been hard pressed to believe that this was the room of a middle aged female elder.

“Qiao Baishi? Hehe, can it it be that I know little of what goes on in this world recently? When did our Skylaurel Kingdom gain another young, handsome genius in the world of pills?”

Qiao Baishi was thirty some years old and it wasn’t quite a stretch to label him as a young, handsome genius.

Qiao Baishi cupped his hands and chuckled, “Your praise is far too high, far too high. It’s rather Elder Ning who is a national beauty and possesses the wondrous reputation of an unaging legend. Although I’ve always humbly abided in the Eastern Kingdom, I too have long admired your name.”

That so-called “unaging legend” was naturally fulsome flattery.

But these two words...

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