Chapter 1489: House Xiahou

As a rule, the Primordial Stone Golem Tribe didn’t understand how to leave survivors. Their favorite pastime in combat was to crush their opponents with violent force. This was especially true when they had the upper hand. They relished demolishing each and every enemy in their path.

As such, they couldn’t quite come to grips with Jiang Chen’s order to capture some prisoners. Still, they had to try their best to comply.

Two great emperors ended up being the lucky ones. The hammer and mace hurtling towards their heads a moment earlier suddenly swerved, the weapons’ butts sweeping into them instead. The amount of trauma delivered was immensely different from a no-holds-barred overhead smash.

The only possible consequence of the latter was a head smashed like a watermelon. A hard tap with the handle involved incapacitation and maiming at worst.

Thump, thump. The two elite cultivators fell to the ground, relieved of further fighting ability.

“Savior, here you go.” Third Stone was evidently dissatisfied with having to spare two of his...

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