Chapter 1488: The Slaughter Begins

Lingering slivers of fragmented thoughts flickered into Elder Peng’s brain before his body broke into a million pieces.

The stone golem brothers who’d looked like they were on death’s door were full of vigor again. Their gargantuan forms prowled all over the place, reaping the lives of those around like them like sheaves of wheat. These men were elite experts from Myriad Abyss Island, but the golems were at a decisive advantage.

The maddened slaughter cut down great emperors left and right.

Though Elder Mo had escaped in a relatively safe direction, the pressure behind him hadn’t abated. Suddenly, the hurtling elder freezed in his tracks. Panic flashed through his eyes. A giant like the ones he’d just fled from had leaped right into his way, an oversized weapon in his hefty hands. The golem smashed his weapon down with intimidating, world-shaking force.

“An ambush!” Elder Mo drew a sharp breath, making to turn once more. In his brief moment of hesitation, however, several...

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