Chapter 1487: Who’s Smarter Than Who?

A hundred miles, fifty, thirty, ten…

The four stone golem braves expanded from small dots to big blots before Elder Peng’s eyes. It took only a few moments before they arrived on the ambush site. Though the golems were still on the outskirts, they were nevertheless already enclosed in the trap.

“Keep your calm. Don’t move before I give the word!” Elder Peng was a Myriad Abyss Island expert through and through. His calmness in the face of overwhelming joy bore testament to his status as an elder of House Xiahou. The closer the goal was, the more rational he became.

He knew very well the frenzied strength the stone golems possessed. If they were discovered now, that would be no benefit to the Order. 

As the golems had only just entered the area of the ambush, the Soulless Powder of Wind and Cloud hadn’t taken full effect yet. Given their incredible combat prowess, it was unwise to fight the golems before they were put out of commission.

Someone backed into a corner often entered a maddened state of mind. In...

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