Chapter 1486: Nets Above and Snares Below

After receiving the Golden Cicada bloodline, Jiang Chen bestowed the eight drops upon the golem brothers.

When the Stone Golems had first seen the diminutive and cowardly Cicada, they’d first been dismissive. That prejudice was quickly discarded for wide smiles when their savior told them the blood would make them impervious to poison.

In the primordial age, apart from tremendous brute force in fights, Stone Golems hadn’t been particularly strong in any other area. Opponents with specialized skills could run circles around the strong golem warriors. Poison, in particular, was something the tribe had been very wary of.

Back then, races adept at poison had littered the ground, bringing a world of hurt to the Stone Golems. They were naturally delighted when they heard that refining the Golden Cicada bloodline would put this weakness to rest, once and for all.

The process didn’t take too long.

“Savior, do us brothers really not have to be afraid...

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