Chapter 1484: Sudden Betrayals On The Brink Of Battle

Coiling Dragon ranked last among Veluriyam’s great emperors, but on Sacred Peafowl Mountain, he was the most well-regarded one. “Young madam, could he have some hidden agenda?”

“If this supreme lord is as strong as he pretends to be, he should be more than willing to duke it out in the open. Why use small tricks to lure Jiang Chen away, then come here and strut around? That’s the mindset of the weak. Allow me to be blunt. He’s simply scared of the young lord!”

The great emperors nodded after some reflection.  Would this supreme lord fear taking the young lord head-on if he possessed overwhelming strength?

Before Coiling Dragon could reply, Ji San had already charged outside the mountain’s gates. There, he sneered. “Supreme Lord of the Order, why are you acting like a thief and hiding from our young lord? The entire world knows you’re afraid of...

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